Network 3

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a cabling system throughout a building or campus made up of smaller standardized elements. Structured cabling can consist of a combination of fiber optics, copper Ethernet, coaxial video cable, and audio cable. Typically structured cabling provides for a complete system to facilitate “plug and play” of attached devices. Industry standards dictate the method and type of materials and installation practices required to make up a structured system.

Sleek Communications has over 15 years experience in designing, installing and implimenting structured cable systems. Our cabling technicians can perform professional high quality installations for a single added drop, a complete new building patch panelconstruction or system expansion and upgrade. We can also help design your structured system based on your current and RJ45 Jackprojected needs. Because Sleekcom can design and implement the entire system including, phone, data, video and audio we save labor and in turn make the job more economical for you. By taking advantage of our one call does it all arrangement we incorporate the system as a whole which eliminates multiple parties involved. This too saves you money in the long run because we have intimate knowledge of your entire system. When you are ready to expand or should the need arise for troubleshooting, one call to us and we can facilitate whatever is required to meet your requirements.

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