Data Network Equipment

switchSleekcom can configure a system of equipment for your network that is designed to produce the most efficient operation at economical prices. We use business, commercial and industrial grade network equipment for quality, long life and performance. We install configure and maintain equipment that give you the highest level of performance with network security and data protection in mind. We can help get your network up to standards to meet many government requirements such as HIPPA and other network security measures.

We use quality managed and unmanaged switches for data distribution. Our firewalls and routers are certified and can zyxelaccommodate a wide range of functions from content filtering, routing and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). We evaluate your overall network requirements such as load, security measures and need for scalability and provide equipment that meets those needs without overselling.

Our wireless swireless 1ystems provide for single access point office connectivity to facility wide multi-point seamless transition communications. Our outdoor wireless systems can provide wireless access to outdoor areas or connect buildings with point to point connectivity. All these are managed from a safe and securwireless 2e management console and not from a vulnerable web based administration console such is the case with most consumer grade wireless systems.

We work closely with manufacturers engineers to make sure all equipment we provide works as intended and meets or exceeds all insurance standards.
Sleekcom network equipment combined with our structured cabling and fiber optic systems gives you a complete connectivity solution that is easily and cost effectively maintained for years to come. Give us a call today and let us design, install and roll out your network to get and keep your business running smoothly and efficently.

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