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Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Fiber optic cable and associated equipment has become more economical. It is now the media of choice in many installations to connect A main distribution frame to intermediate distribution frames. Unlike conventional copper Ethernet (Cat5, Cat6), fiber is not limited to a maximum run distance of three hundred feet.

Fiber is more reliable and provides for much more bandwidth (network speed/capacity) than wireless. Because fiber is physical cable and not transmitted radio signal it is also much more secure.
In an MDF/IDF configuration fiber can be used to connect equipment between floors in multi-story buildings, connect main buildings to remote buildings in a campus environment. Fiber can be placed buried, aerial or utilize existing building infractracture. Fiber is capable of transceiving data, voice and video.

Sleek Communications is equipped with modern up to date equipment for all types of fiber installations. Our technicians are trained and experienced in termination, testing and turn up. We use quality Corning® materials to insure a superior quality job. Our relationships with subcontractors allow us to provide for aerial, buried and directional bore cable placement.

Whatever your need for fiber connectivity may be, Sleekcom is here to help with design, configuration and installation.

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