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Sleek Communications, Inc. repairs nearly all brands of computers.  Our technicians are trained and experienced with literally thousands of units repaired.  Sleekcom invest the time and attention to properly diagnose the problem with your computer and take correct steps to repair it.  Our technicians take pride in every computer repaired in our shop.  You will find our rates affordable and fair.

The traditional concept of computer virus has changed. The technology of web browsers and in general, how things work on the Internet has made it easier for infections to slip into your system. Computer virus are now better known as malware. This can be traditional virus, but in most cases is more clandestine. Just because you have virus and malware protection doesn't mean you are totally protected. In reality, almost all malware protection is only about 50% effective against infections. With some of the clandestine technology malware can enter you system by just simply visiting a web site. You should never consider your system protected just because you have installed some name brand or big box malware protection.


Virus Removal
Adware / Spyware Removal
Data Back and Retrieval
Hard Drives
CD / DVD Drives
Power Supplies
Wireless Network
Network Adapters

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Computer Repair

Q:   How Much will it cost to get my computer repaired?
A:   This is an impossible question to answer without knowing some of the symptoms of the problem.  Typical problems are virus adware and spyware infections.  The degree and severity of the infection directly impact the amount of time it takes a technician repair 3to remove the exploits.  Normally it takes a minimum of 2 hours to completely clean a system.

Q:   Will I lose all my data such as pictures, music documents and programs?
A:   Unless your system has experienced complete hard drive failure Sleekcom can preserve your data files.  In the event your hard drive has totally failed it is usually not economically feasible to retrieve data from a home computer unless your system contains valuable irreplaceable data.  This is why we recommend regular backups of your files to different media like CD, DVD, external hard drive, cloud drive, or jump drive.  Program files are not transferable.  If your hard drive fails or your system requires reloading any programs must be reinstalled from their original source.

Q:   How long will it take to get my computer back?
A:   Depending on the backlog of repairs it normally takes 2 to 3 days for us to complete a repair job.  Some cases may take longer depending on the level and severity of the problem or availability of parts.

Q:   I have a friend or family member that took computer courses in school.  Why can't they repair my computer?
A:   Generally computer courses taught in high school and even the college level are limited to APPLICATIONS (Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Photoshop, Etc.) and basic operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Etc.) functions.  Rarely do they provide training in hardware and even basic operating system troubleshooting and repair.  In many situations this friend or relative may seem to know a lot to a novice user; however it may cost you more money or loss of all your data if you choose to allow them to work on your machine.

Q:   There is a guy that works on computers out of his house that charges a lot less than Sleekcom.  Why shouldn't I take my computer to him and save some money?
A:   There are many technicians that work from home or from the trunk of their car.  These are called "bedroom techs" because many of them have a corner of the spare bedroom in their home dedicated to computer repair.  Not all, but most of these guys supplement another job with computer repair or do it as a hobby or tinkering.  It may appear they charge less, but in the long run you get less.  Most of these guys don't keep parts in stock or have reliable distributors for parts.  They may replace parts in your computer with used parts they happen to have lying around.  You should also consider that these guys aren't professional and you are lucky if you have a cell phone number to get in touch with them.  We also see many cases where they use Pirated Software which not only impacts the security and performance of your computer but is also a violation of law.  Computer repair is an integral part of Sleekcom's business.  We have a complete computer lab with facilities to professionally diagnose and repair your computer problems.  We have regular office hours and many ways to get in contact with us in the rare event you should have a problem after the repair.  We also keep a large supply of fresh new replacement parts from suppliers that back up what we sell.

Q:   Why don't you make residential house calls?
A:   The short answer is time and economics.  When a technician comes to you we must charge for his time from the beginning to the end of the repair.  This can easily cost more than the computer is actually worth.  Much of the repair process is spent with the computer doing the work.  For example a simple memory scan to test for defective memory chips can take 2 hours.  If your computer is in our shop we can start the scan and let the computer run while we are working on other computers.  If we perform this process at your location the technician can only wait until the test is completed, but you are still paying for his time.  Even though we may only charge for a couple of hours this is actual time spent by the technician working on your system; not the entire time the system is under repair.

Q:   Computers have gotten so cheap why should I not just by a new one instead of having mine repaired?
A:   When you buy a cheap computer that is just what you get; a cheap computer.  Just because a system has a big name doesn't mean it will perform well.  Many big box stores and online distributors sell cheap systems that don't perform as well as your old system.  We see people that purchase a system from places like Wal Mart or Dell only to find the new system is slower and more cumbersome than the one they are replacing.  For example Wal Mart is selling Acer and HP brand systems with Windows Vista operating system and only 512MB RAM.  Although Vista will run with 512MB RAM it is slower than molasses in January.  A typical repair normally cost less than half of what even the cheapest system you can buy at these places.  Your old system may operate faster and more efficiently than one of these new "cheap" systems.  If your system is so old or in such shape that it is not economically feasible to repair Sleekcom will tell you up front before any charges are incurred


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