Commercial Computer Sales

Sleekcom specalizes in commercial grade computers and servers.Our systems are built using the highest quality components and designed to meet your speific needs. We custom build each system using commercial grade components designed and engineered to work together. From basic workstations to high end servers, we put quality into every system.
asus serverIf you run specalized software we will work with your vendors to custom engineer and build your system to meet or exceed your software requirements in addition to other applications that you require. Most software vendors issue minimum specifications for their particular application without consideration for other applications or operational overhead. Sleekcom has the experience and expertiese in system design to custom build your system to operate at ultimate efficiency and speed.

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Our custom built systems all come with a one year parts and service warranty. Most components we install have a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. What this means for you is in the first year if any component fails due to manufacture defect we replace it at no cost to you. In years two and three if any component fails due to manufacture defect you only pay labor and the part is replaced under the manufacturer's warranty. See our full warranty here.

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