Commercial Computer Repair

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In most businesses the computer system is one of the main components of that business functioning efficiently and profitably. When you have a system down it is of utmost importance to get that system back up and running. Sleekcom specializes in business repair and installations. We will come to your location and evaluate the system. Once a determination is made for corrective action we will either make the repair on site, or if more time and economically feasible, recommend we bring the system to our facility for repairs. Depending on the system, if the issue is malware or operating system related it is often times quicker and more economical for us to bring the system in. When we work on your systems in our facility you are only charged for the actual time a technician is working on the machine, not for the entire time the machine is on the bench. Our system of commercial repairs minimizes impact on your business and shortens down time. We keep a supply of major hardware components on hand and in many cases can replace a defective part immediately and have you back up and running.

Sleekcom does not require any service contracts or on-going type arrangements. We operate on the concept of doing business because we provide superior quality service in a timely manner rather than some arrangement that locks a customer into a relationship. Our charges are well in line with industry standards and we make every effort to accommodate our commercial customers.

Give us a call today and let us start helping you keep your systems up to date and running smoothly.




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