What We Do:

We provide a broad scope of technology services to a wide array of customers. We believe quality, professionalism and service are the keys to making our customers technology work in the most efficent and economical manner.

Our services range from providing fiber optic cable installation to providing high quality commercial computer workstations. Our teams are skilled at all types of installations in nearly any environment, from offices to industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Who We Are:
Sleek Communications, Inc. was founded in August 1999 by Rod and Debbie Jordan. Our guiding principal is providing our valued customers with honest, quality and reliable services, products and materials.

Rod Jordan began in the telecommunications industry in 1974. This experience has allowed him to grow with the industry from providing simple dial tone telephone service to today where communications and connectivity play a major roll in nearly everyone's daily activities. With this background in communications engineering, his attention to detail allows for a full range of proficency in project management, planning and design and allows for intuitive anticipation for transitions, growth and effectivness of your systems.

Debbie Jordan began her career in retail sales and management. Her dedication to customer service and quality allowed her to advance to sales management of the contract department for a major manufacturer in Tulsa, OK. From there she moved to investment finance with a major conventional bank where she managed and invested millions of dollars for primary customers. Debbie uses her experience today to provide the financial management and quality for Sleek Communications.

Our Mission:
The goal of our management and teams is to provide the highest quality service to all our customers, large or small. The quality of our work reflects the pride and professionalism each member puts into all they do. We make technology work for you, not you working for technology.

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